You must purchase your Japan Rail Pass (In fact you will buy an exchange order)
before arrival in Japan and you must have temporary visitor status!

Notice- there are now temporarily testing selling the japan rail pass inside Japan at selected stores check the links below.

You can slice through Japan at 270 kmph as you relax in style aboard the Shinkanson (bullet train).
Hitting Osaka from Tokyo in about 3 hours while admiring the diverse landscape that is Japan.
You will have space for your luggage and leg room you can only dream about on an aeroplane.
This is comfort this is Japan.

If you plan on visiting outside of Tokyo this is almost a must have as you will start to save money very quickly.
You can get passes of 1,2 or 3 weeks duration.

If you are travelling for a long time you will need to buy more than one exchange order as the maximum duration is 3 weeks.
You can enable them (the exchange orders) to start at any time within a 3 month period
and then you can specify a date within the next month for it to be valid from.

The Japan Rail Pass allows you unlimited (almost) use of all trains and even some ferries inside Japan
using JR lines network spanning the whole country.
You cannot use it on Nozomi Shinkanson super fast Shinkanson Trains, this is no real problem
as there are hundreds of trains per day and you need only turn up and you can even reserve a seat say 10 minutes before departure.

Want to plan your trip? Start here on the offical website in English >>