Trinidad and the ferrari of women oh and more

I struck out on my own as I had a quite tight schedule, the one thing which would have made me stay was another longer floyd treck, this didn't seem to be possible and I was just in time at 8.00 am to get on the bus, 3 hours to Havana and a change and a wait of nearly 2 hours then a 5 or so hour trip was a long day. I was to meet "ed" in the station replete with iphone and panama and a fast talker. He was leaving Havana due to him spending loads of money, we checked out the zoo together as it was really next door and nothing else was, some cool animals most notable was the rodent called jutilla, and there is a cayo called this and is a wilder more pretty version if thats possible of cayo levisa. Apparently the locals in vinales ate the jutilla when the guide books incorrectly tell you snake and rat. We caught the bus and off we set.

There was a stunning girl on the bus and I discovered by asking her where she came from - Spain, but of course with that rough cut style hair, bags of style and just the right attitude. Shame she got off at Cienfuegos, a stop I was going to make, but in the end it was good to spend longer in Trinidad. She sat alone at the back, I don't think anyone felt worthy including myself, and having plucked up the courage to simply ask here where she was from in the station I was spent. Then another guy had no choice but to get on and sit next to her, he got on somewhere I don't recall and I wondered to myself if ever that has happened to me and came up quickly with a - NO. I told him when the bus left her and Cienfuegos how unlucky he had been to sit next to the ferarri of women, he understood and said something funny about "should have just rolled over and had a cuddle" and this was also "ed" a lad from sheffield living in Shoreditch, so we now have 2 ed-s in the mix. Two jiniteros got on at Cinefuegos, and they were of a class above the usual, they struck quickly and befriended the first ed I had met and ended up tagging along with him in search of accommodation in Trinidad. I figured it would be good to find my own and not go with a tout straight off the bus. But this didn't work, the casa's seem to be good or not so good in Trinidad, and it took me a while to find a good one. There were some Norweigian girls on the bus who ed liked and it was a good feeling to be pulling in to Trinidad, I had been drinking pretty heavily in the run up and took my first night off in a while. I missed the Norwegians but so too did ed1 he was ever the gentleman and a jinitero snatched from under him ! They are a cheeky lot, what I didn't know was if it was the guys staying with ed1. The following evening we were supposed to be meeting in casa de la musica on the steps at 8.30 john, dera jack and gaia, only john showed, jack and gaia were struck by a problem with jacks bank card and were in Havana. They had wanted to do this "rave in the cave" thing and would miss it. It was quite a big night and all showed up including dera and a couple of Irish girls who had a great sense of humor. Also an attractive blonde who was dancing away earlier in casa de la musica and her mother, oh and ed2 as well. Then there was also owen, the group was pretty big now and much fun was had. The cave is really just that a massive cave with stalactites and after walking up to it via a disused church its a hell of an experience this club, a must do on a Saturday night it's called club Ayala.