Around Trinidad

There was a stillness that made mid day unbearable for most in the town itself. Such a gorgeous town of cobbled streets and plazas and churches, old colonial city of Trinidad- reminded me of Grenada in Nicaragua as its a bit rough round the edges and not up to the colonial splendour that is Antigua in Guatemala.
Good museums and beaches within reach of a taxi and A magnificent countryside which in fact is ever present no matter the location in Cuba. Playa Ancon was done a few times though noteable now was rain on a daily basis. Ancon is quite a nice beach with a large hotel spoiling things a bit. I was there first on the Sunday and it was lively with football and volleyball and many locals.
Jack and Gaia, Dera 2 other london girls and I set off on a horse ride, Galloping away after getting the feel I was thrown from the front and I managed to keep clear of the bucking bronco's hooves and get back on. We visited a nice waterfall swam and it was another great day. I was never again comfortable on this loco of a horse who did not like to be galloped. Again we had some rain but thankfully it backed off. We stoppped by this farm and had sugar cane juice freshly squeezed. Dera cast quite the che guevara figure on his horse with this beard he had been growing, a popular style among backpackers it has to be said.