I have to say that I really enjoyed running round Havana and have a few more sights to see. My final day I did a cigar factory tour -the Patargas behind the capitolio, it was amazing, great and a must do. I bought rum and cigars 25 montecristo for 167 CUC about 90 quid. The museo des belle artes also is very good, if your pushed for time just do the main Cuban building though. A painting which haunted me since first seeing it somewhere and buying a reproduction was found to be by victor manuel called tropical gypsy

I managed to sneak two canvases out of Cuba, and that made me very happy the start of an art collection, I purchased them for around 20 CUC's a piece in Trinidad but without any stamps as the artist argued they were artisanal and 'no probliem'. If he buys the stamps he cant sell as the government gets the money and the paintings are twice the cost, a familiar tale so here we all won out for a bit of chance taking. Great.

I'm closing this article now its still fresh in my slightly jet-lagged mind but I must get on and start to work again that I might get back to Cuba real soon. Its one of those destinations I must get back to. I met some great people and hope to see them again one day, I saw some simply stunning scenery and had some frightening moments - being thrown for the first time on a horse, engaged in music and for a brief time was a socialist. The colours of the country are amazing if the food is a bit bland the rum and cigars are tasty, hey now I know why the food is bland, they have no taste buds !

Vaya con Dios Fidel

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