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Welcome to Rio De Janeiro !

We won’t bore you with more of how good looking Rio is, this is an article that has some very good links and basic info so that you can get up to speed quickly (bookmark it come back if you need to).

Things to Do
What to Wear and Climate
Rio is Tropical and though very humid is cooled by some winds. The best time to visit is when you are there ;) Obviously Carnival is a busy time. Shorts and T Shirts or short sleeve shirts and flip flops work well. During the rainy season it might be good to have an umbrella, but who packs those !

Getting Around
You will need to take some busses as the underground Metro is not extensive enough but of course useful. Treat public transport with caution at night and take taxis if you are new in town and perhaps do that anyway. The reason you will need public transport is that Beauty comes at a price and the various parts of Rio are linked up with tunnels but it is the fact that Rio is made up of the aforementioned Regions.

Don’t visit the Favelas unless you know what you are doing or are with a recommended known tour. Don’t wear flashy jewelry or make yourself look too rich, use your charisma to make yourself look sexy instead. Carry just enough money to be safe getting around and leave your cards behind or at least one for emergencies locked away. If the unlikely event that you are asked at gunpoint for money just do as the man says, if your Portuguese is a bit rusty just give him the money and go find the tourist police here :tel 33997170, Av Afraid de Melo Franco 159, Leblon - in front of the Casa Grande Theatre.
Also be careful of having something put in your drink. Generally use the same caution you would at home if you live in a big city and chances are you will be fine.


Breaking the city down the old town sits between the South and North regions of Rio. This is the historical and Business centre. Of most tourist interest the south Zona Sul has the regions of Flamengo, Botafogo, Urca, Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and Bara deTijuca.

Copacabana and Ipanema
Copacabana a curving bay, wide beach with a stunning skyline and a massive boulevard doesn’t really make this feel like you are on the beach. The nightlife is no longer good here and tawdry. It has good transport links with metro and buses. Copacabana is a nice place to start your Rio experience as it has convenience and relative safety going for it but ANY RIO BEACH at night is to be avoided. It is a bit cheaper than its neighboring Ipanema but Ipanema has a cleaner beach, consider Ipanema as a first place to stay if you can afford it. It is a bit posher, and the beach is seemingly closer to the centre of Ipanema. There are stylish shops in Ipanema and all the convienience of Copacabana too.

Botanical Gardens
I was not prepared for how good these are, the best example of Botanical Gardens I can remember. I will name a pathway the alley of the giants on account of the tall palm trees that line each side!  Iguanas naturally can be seen; if you are lucky Snakes. The lake is beautiful with turtles and massive fish inside basking around. All this with a stunning backdrop as Cristo Redento is high up on the mountain. Is not worth trying to say more, just see some of the photos and take 3 hours to enjoy this oasis of tranquility get creative with your camera and you will get some great shots much better than the cheesy Christo de Redentor shots !