Plan a Cuba Vacation and Independent Travel

Plan your Cuba holiday using this simple guide.

Cuba is a fascinating historical country situated just 90 miles of the south coast of the USA. Cuba has most things a vacationer is looking for, from some of the most fantastic beaches in the world yet also offering a cultural heritage not found anywhere else !

A note for US Citizens who want to travel to Cuba.
As a US citizen you will have to enter Cuba through the Bahamas or Canada as the easiest route. And guard you passport like your life depends on it while there since there is no official consulate to help you leave and if you do need to get help the unoficial office will report you to the US Imigration and you will be very heavily fined.

There are 2 ways to have a great travel experience in Cuba

All Inclusive Resort in Cuba

There are a couple of destinations in Cuba that are the best and most geared up towards All Inclusive Packages in Cuba Holguin and Varadero and the less well known Cayo Santa Maria. Esentially you can check with your local vacation operator who will be able to provide you with a Caribbean Vacation in Cuba.

Independent Travel

A planned independent backpack through Cuba can be very rewarding and you will make new lifelong friends. Some of the jiniteros will make out you are too but we are talking about fellow travellers.
Cuba is locked off with a US embargo even today and this means that conventional travel doesn't really work outside of the packages to Cuba. Use this to your advantage in planning to see as many destinations as your time allows. Prices only really go up in the All Inclusive areas and this feels like a less than authentic Cuba. In truth Cuba is best done independently so you take your flights and you have a rough plan and visit some of the best destinations Cuba has to offer:

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