Just because it won't take you long to get through the teeny, tiny, miniscule country of Liechtenstein, doesn't mean that you should skip it altogether. Who cares if it's only 160 square kilometers. Who cares if the entire country doesn't even have 35,000 residents.

What you should care about is how strikingly beautiful those few kilometers are. Located between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein enjoys a temperate alpine climate; making its summers nice and warm, while its winters are kind of mild.

Amazing, considering it lies really close to the Austrian Alps. Perfect for some great winter activities. However, it's the lush green warmer months that really shows off.

But, you got to get here first before you can enjoy it. Liechtenstein doesn't even have its own airport. It shares Basel's International Airport with Switzerland, and the rules of entry are the same as its Swiss neighbor.

That means all you need is your passport, or European ID Card. No fuss. No muss. You're now free to roam about the country. Both taxis and car rentals are available, but bicycles are you best option, offering some 56 miles of bike trails thoughout.

Hiking through the region of the Rhine Valley will certainly delight, as well. It's kinda high up, 4,920 feet above sea level. Splendid scenery if ever there was any.

With an elevation like that, no wonder Liechtenstein is a winter sports haven. In the Malbun area you've got everything from skiing to a slegde run, to cross-country skiing.

One important thing to remember, with all the winter sports to do it's best to make sure you've got comprehensive medical insurance before leaving home. Its capital city of Vaduz has a good number of museums. The city itself has only about 5,000 people living here, but everyone is welcome to visit the National Library, the Liechtenstein Art Museum, Ski Museum, and Postage Stamp Museum.

For some reason, Liecthenstein's postage stamps are one of the biggest items bought here. Pottery and ceramics are also popular items, but stamps?

Vaduz is also the place to visit the Prince's Wine Cellar. Oh, can't you just taste the delicious vino? Try Vaduzer, a locally made red wine with some Käseknöpfle, a cheese dumpling dish. Wait, wouldn't that go better with a white?

FYI--no worries about eating or drinking in Liechtenstein, everything is safe.

From the sound of its food, German seems to be a big influence. It is, it's the official language; but English is spoken all over the place.

English or German, doesn't matter so long as you get around to seeing the Gutenburg Castle (what's Europe without a castle or two), and the Chapel of St. Peter in Balzars. Don't leave out a visit to the Roman excavations while you're at it, either.

After a day of sightseeing, some nightlife around Liechtenstein is mostly bars and clubs in the towns of Balzars, Triesen, and Eschen.

Who's got the energy to go clubbing after paragliding, hiking, biking, and anything else you've thought of all day?