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There are all total about 1400 islands in the Greece territory, of which about 227 are inhabited. Since all islands are individually beautiful, so it is really difficult to make a list of the best islands in Greece. However, here a compilation of the best islands in Greece has been made with the travellers preference.

· Santorini: The volcanic island of Santorini with its large central blue lagoon is the diamond of all the Greek islands. The white sculptured villages nested on the cliffs overlooking the lagoon create the perfect backdrop for a romantic gateway. No wonder, the Santorini island is emerging as a wedding destination in Europe. The white and blue combination of the Santorini villages gives it the unmistakable and intriguing Greek charm. Ia is the most charming of all Santorini villages.

· Crete: the largest and the most populous island of Greece is still among the list of the best Greek islands. Crete retains a confluence of modern life and an ancient charm. The beaches, the ancient ruins, the monasteries and the museums make Crete an ultimate travel destination for backpacking nomads of all age groups.

Highlights - Balos Bay in Crete

· Skiathos: One of the northern most islands in Greece, Skiathos is known for its stretch of beaches surrounded on all sides by pine forests. The blue of the water is of a deeper hue around the island of Skiathos. Most of the hotels are located along the pine covered hills on the west coast of the Skiathos harbour.

· Naxos: This is the largest and the most mountainous of all the Cyclades islands. A Venetian fort, right at the port of Naxos, makes the island of Naxos a special destination for the island travellers of Greece. A huge rectangular marble arch to an uncompleted temple overlooks the port over a nearby hill.


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I can definitely vouch for Crete, rented a car and visited for 10 days was gloriously hot. Didn't fancy doing an all inclusive in Greece there is too much to see here. Many nice small cheap places to stay.

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