The Costa Rica wilderness is an amazing experience for nomads and nature lovers. If you want to lose yourself and find yourself again in the mysterious wild charm of nature, the eco tourist spots in Costa Rica are the places where you should head for.

Going wild does not necessarily mean you have to say goodbye to the comfort of a lodge, as there are great forest lodges tucked in the wilderness of Costa Rica. However, the other alternative also exists; that of sleeping on your hammock in the wild, cut off from the contact points of civilization. Here is a list of the eco tourist spots in Costa Rica.
• Corcovado National Park, Sirena Ranger station: South Pacific: Characterized by total absence of roads and located at the heart of Corcovado National Park in Osa peninsula, this eco tourist spot is the ideal wilderness vacation. Getting to the resort is a feat in itself. You will have to get to one of the three perimeter stations first, La Leona, Los Patos or san Pedrillo and then reach to the station from there. Either you have to take a 14 km hike along a beach (from la Leona) or slugging your way for 20 km through Orange mud from Los Patos or a 23 km hike along sand from San Pedrillo, you reach two tidal rivers (one at each end) in calculated time. The right time is important or the muddy water will be chock-a-block with hammerhead sharks. Swimming is definitely not advised in this currents. Once the night falls, you feel yourself at the heart of wilderness with the wild night surrounding you with all her ancient charm. This is the home to the jaguar and tapir and myriads of other wild creatures who live in the forest.  An important tip is to always remember to hike in rubber boots as poisonous snakes are plentiful. You will also need torch and spare batteries, mosquito net, water bottle and written permission from the ACOSA office located by the airstrip in Puerto Jimenez.   
• Tiskita jungle lodge, South Pacific: Adjacent to the Panamanian border, this jungle lodge is only accessible by plane and you feel completely cut off with outer world without any telephones or faxes (though the lodge has a website of its own. Guests at this lodge can wander through the tropical rainforest and the pristine beaches on either foot or horseback. The lodge is home to 125 different species of tropical fruit and an abundance of wildlife, over 275 species of birds and a variety of mammals.
• Arenas Del Mar Nature and Beach resort, central Pacific coast: This is a relatively new eco tourism destination in Costa Rica and it has already earned its place among the top eco tourist destinations. The Arenas Del Mar has attained all five levels of Costa Rican Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. Over three fourth of the land of the resort is covered by the wilderness, being the home of hundreds of tropical birds and other animals. The apartments, guest rooms and suites present amazing ocean views for the traveler who wants to bask in the charm of the ocean and the ancient wild.