Cabo is like a dream. We went there for the first time last year not knowing what to expect. As we were driven up a long winding road to our resort, (Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach) I was getting goose bumps!

It was so beautiful, looked like something out of a magazine. All of the employees there are very nice and helpful. The lobby smelled of lavender and just drew you in! Our room was outstanding! A beautiful ocean view. My husband and a friend saw a humpback whale jump right out of the water right in front of our resort!

wow!! There was a mama whale and baby that hung out in front of the resort for about 5 days. so cute! There is so much to do in Cabo, great shopping and great food! The marina area is awesome to walk around at, esp at night! We went deep sea fishing and 3 of us caught marlin! what a rush!! and dolphins swam all around our boat! breath taking! I cant say enough about cabo, it is a dream! The weather was sunny and warm. Nightlife is rockin if you can handle it! :) While we were walking around the marina, we met people from our area back home! how cool! We went on a dinner whale watching cruise which was a blast! excellent dinner, drinks and saw whales! We felt very safe in Cabo. Another cool thing is that we went to the local grocery store and stocked up for the week to save money. We usually just ate out once a day, eating out can be expensive esp at the resort, cheaper in town. When we go back in December, we want to go on the pirate ship and do a day trip to La Paz. We love love Cabo/Mexico. We've been to Cozumel briefly while on a cruise and the snorkeling there was amazing! the water was so clear, such a pretty color of blue.