Ok, so this blog entry is rather outdated now as we visited Bhaktapur 3 weeks ago now, but I thought I'd write about that weekend.
Bhaktapur is one of the older parts of Nepal, it is preserved as an historic city and so we spent most of the weekend wandering around the narrow streets and looking at the wide collection of temples and shrines both in Durbar Sqaure and the surrounding streets. (Durbar just means palace, so the Durbar Square is where the old palace used to be - there are a number of them around Nepal, so far the one in Bhaktapur is one of three I have visited, and it is sort of my favourite!) There were a number of huge temples with impressive statues in the square, but there was enough space between them for each one to be appreciated individually. We also visited the National Art Gallery which is next to the old palace building - to be honest it wasn't the most informative, as although it contained lots of interesting looking religious paintings, there were no explanations to accompany them so it was difficult to really appreciate their meaning. Read More>>>