The Chalybeate Spring Temple, built in 1910, simple in design, is located along Main Street (Route 10 North), a few hundred feet south of the sulphur and magnesia springs. The Chalybeate Spring contains iron and was especially beneficial for treating anemia. The Chalybeate waters reputedly had enough iron salts to turn one's teeth brown, nevertheless it was bottled and sold for its medicinal use. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Temple has been renovated and summer concerts are held in the park.

'Taking the waters' at the Chalybeate Spring in The Pantiles is a 'must' for any visit to the historic spa town to Royal Tunbridge Wells. Discovered over 400 years ago, visitors can follow in the footsteps of the Georgian aristocracy who flocked to Tunbridge Wells all those years ago, and sample the iron-rich water served during the summer in the traditional manner by the 'Dipper'.