I took an 9 hour ferry ride across the Cebu Straight, which is really the China Ocean. It was relaxing because I had a Cabin to myself and watched some American movies Very relaxing! I am getting a little fatigued in traveling to so many places in such a short period but the information I've gained is invaluable.

I understand a little more how past colonization mostly by the Europeans has had its effect on modern societies. I also realize some things about religion that is not so nice.

Let me start off by saying something about religion. I AM DONE WITH IT! But it does have its place for some people but I am not one of them.In my eyes it does nothing but causes wars and very divisional among societies. Religion is a function of where you and your parents were originally born and who colonized the country that you live in.

Unfortunately since the Europeans, mainly the Spaniards over took so many countries Christianity has a stronghold in many countries in the Americas. The only country they were able to successfully dominate in Asia was the Philippines. And it shows!! out of all the countries I've been to the christian countries are the worst by far. Read more>>>