El Bolson is a town 2 hours south of Bariloche. It is described as very hippie, which I would agree with because it was extremely laid back and full of people with dreads. However, getting to El Bolson was anything was laid back...not surprising though considering our luck with buses. We arrived at the bus terminal in Bariloche an hour early in order to make sure we did not miss the bus.

The ticket window,however, was not open for the entire day so I spent a lot of my time asking people about our bus and being sent to other people. Finally I found out that our bus would be arriving an hour late (1 pm). At 1 Pm still no bus...I am told we just need to wait. At 2 pm...still no bus...still told we just need to wait. Finally we became friends with a bus driver who was waiting for his bus to arrive and he tells me to ask so-and-so...who I had already asked. Then he told us we should just buy a ticket on a different bus which will only be 23 pesos...we spent 40 pesos on our tickets and evidently were charged at least 100 pesos extra on our other tickets because we bought them online. Sad Day. So finally at 2:30 pm we decide to buy a ticket on another bus, and once we buy our new tickets and walk back outside, what pulls up?.. Read More>>>