My next destination was another couchsurfer in another tiny village, Hodos, Slovenia. Their names are Ivo and Megy. I had emailed Ivo and asked for their address and he told me ‘7’. I figured there was a bit of a language gap and he didn’t understand my request. So I emailed him again and he assured me that his address was 7, Hodos. He was right! The town was so small that they didn’t use street numbers. They just gave each address in the village it’s own number. I think the biggest address I saw in my three days there was 64.

Ivo and Megy were originally from the city. They each had been divorced and met each other online. They fell in love and moved to Hodos. Again I was blown away by the generosity and friendliness of a family that I had just met. We ate, drank and saw all the local sites. We even drove to a small parking lot and then walked quite a ways to the point where three countries come together, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria. Read More>>>