Situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is one of the largest and most important cities in the state. It is located on the banks of Holy River of Narmada and is around 336 km from Bhopal. Jabalpur has served as a capital to many ruling dynasties like Kalchuri and Gond.

After 1817, Jabalpur was under the control of British who made it the commission headquarters of Narmada territory. The city is covered with mountains from all sides thus deriving its name from an Arab word ‘Jabal’, which means mountain. This shows that there should have been a trade link between Arabs and the city. You will also find many graves of Arab that further strengthens this. Another belief goes that a famous Sage named 'Jabali' lived here giving it the name Jabalpur. Jabalpur covers an area of 154 sq. km. The city has become world famous due to the presence of Marble Rocks on the outskirts. Jabalpur is also the closest to Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park that give the city an extra edge over other parts of Madhya Pradesh.