Looking back at the Mendoza update, didn’t really go in to full details.. so a quick amendment…

Spent one day out of Mendoza going on a trek, absailing and chilling day.. involved a relatively small trek (compared to Torres and Pucon).. but that was just a means of starting the next activity.. absailing down! This was another first for me, so was kind of apprehensive but sill looking forward to it never the less.. The first descent was small 15m to get us used to the techniquie (of not getting your fingers caught in the 8 peice).. and then the big one.. a 45m, inclined wall which was awesome to come down..not scared at all!!!

Another day out of Mendoza was to visit Puenta del Inca, which is a natural stone bridge over Rio Mendoza. You can see in the pics that underneath the rock walls are all stained yellow and orange by the warm springs around. Also a quick stop at the viewpoint of one of south americas highest peak –Aconcagua.

There are some pics of this in the Argentina and Chile Ofoto email you may have received.