They say Greenwich Village has been lost to students and tourists, but look closer. There is still a wonderful afternoon to be found for the working man and his son in the very centre of the Village, in and around Eighth Street. No girls allowed — except for the cool ones.

10 A.M. Bound up the subway steps at the Astor Place station on the Lexington Avenue local line, and head over for haircuts at Astor Place Hairstylists, 2 Astor Place, (212) 475-9854. This New York institution opened in 1947, and the prices have not risen all that much. Men’s haircuts start at $15. The large number of barbers — 65 — practically guarantees that customers will have only a short wait, just enough time to examine the celebrity photos. The Astor may be the only barbershop in New York City that posts a warning about barbers who claim to have worked there: “Please do not be fooled. Most of the people were fired for incompetence or tried and were not hired.” Read more>>>