Sucre & La Paz

Well after surviving Tinkuy, was a few days of R&R in Sucre. Didn’t do much apart from visit a quarry where they discovered Dinosaur footprints, quite interesting but it looked like something we did at school with plaster of paris..

La Paz

Made it to the “highest Capital City in the world”, and what a crazy place this is. Manic drivers, bag slashers ( it happened to a friend as we walked down a main street).. crazy markets, and the Worlds Most Dangerous Road! I started my stay in La Paz on a cultural note, visiting some pre-Inca Ruins at a place called Tiwanuku, very interesting but most of the ruins are now in a museum and you can take pictures.. strange! Did the typical tourist thing, by taking and open top bus tour of La Paz and its surrounding suburbs… including another Valley of The Moons! Next on my list was to mountain bike down the worlds most dangerous road, named because the of the terrain, and the number of fatalities it has a year.. glad to say that I didn’t had to that statistic, but I do have an interesting story to tell which I may share one day in person with some of you! That was my time in La Paz, before heading to the Amazon Basin in North Bolivia and out towards Peru. These updates will follow soon, cos I am bored of typing them up as you all are of reading them.