7th March

Joined train #2 the Moscow – Vladavostok "express" (Moscow time 23:31 (the time trains run on), 01:31 local time – destination Irkutsk) – the real Trans-Siberian train! (no messing with Mongolia or China here). Irkutsk is only around 2/3 of the total journey, mind.
The two blokes in my compartment, plus a couple of friends, are well pissed. Party-time! Just what I need! Joined in a bit, then they kindly took pity on the foreigner, and we slept, not before I found out that one of the pissed blokes (German, his name, not nationality) got on at Ekaterinburg like me.

Woke after deep sleep. First of two days on the train. Routine less routine than the Tomskers. More like chaos. Eating, a little sleeping, lots of photos, lots of chatting Wagon 8
Wagon 8
. German can speak some English, but a little shy initially. Grows used to it so much that when the restaurant women come around saying "pivo, chipski pistasky" (my spelling!), which they do at incredibly regular intervals, he says "No".Read More>>>