Windsor is an easy train journey from London. The castle, a short walk from the station, dominates the town. The building itself (not including grounds) covers 13 acres and is the biggest inhabited castle in the world. William the Conqueror picked the site, west of London overlooking the Thames and it has been a Royal residence and fortress ever since - almost 950 years. The Queen still spends most weekends there and, we've heard it is her favorite "home from home".

You can easily spend a whole day visiting. Expect to see:

* The State Apartments Very grand, ceremonial rooms
* The Semi State Rooms Because they either overlook the Queen's private apartments, or they are in use for annual ceremonial events, these rooms are not always open.
* Art treasures from the Royal collection Imagine having family portraits by Holbein, Rubens and Van Dyke.
* St. George's Chapel Where 10 sovereigns and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are buried.
* Queen Mary's Doll House An amazing collection of tiny works of art, book and music manuscripts that is always popular with visitors.