Europe Destinations L-Z

First impressions- 

Impress me:

Malta so far- very nice. Solana Hotel Mellieha- Nice room.

Annoy me:

No free or reasonable priced internet in rooms. 2 euro 50 per half hour aint cutting it. I would pay more for a hotel that has good internet in the room!

Security. They will look after my laptop but otherwise I might be lucky to have a room with a big enough safe. Mine isn’t and that makes me annoyed as I have to pay 10 euros for it not to be able to secure my 13 inch laptop that has so much work on it it can't be replaced easily.

It’s a 20 minute walk to the beach but there is a bus.

Out of season the Terrace Bar is not open – please ask and they can get drinks up to you.

They left my room open – and they hoped that it wouldn’t happen again if it did could I please let them know again. Sure Fawlty Towers..

Tour bus: Old map, planning stops impossible – I should have told him to stop (they don't always stop) on a hop on hop off bus, more like wait ages then get on– not very hoppy with that either.

Team Sky Tenerife

Spain’s volcanic Canary Islands (don’t let the volcanoes put you off) are the ultimate getaway for cyclists and holidaymakers alike! The Canary Islands’ optimal position off the coast of Africa ensures that they are sun-kissed all year round. The Sky cycling team have even made the Canaries (specifically Tenerife) their base for winter and altitude training, owing to their strategic landscape and year-round picturesque weather.

Image Credit Pretre

The present day St. Paul's Cathedral is in fact the fifth sacred structure on this site. Since 1666, this religious building has been standing proudly and today is seen as one of the most impressive churches in London. The very first building that was constructed on this site was made of wood. This wooden building caught fire in 675 AD and was completely burnt down. The second one was torn apart in 962 by the Vikings and replaced by a brawnier structure made out of stone.

London Eye

The small size of England means that traveling efficiently is different than it is in large countries. Driving is often a better option than flying and the London Underground is a wonder in itself.

England is the largest of the four home nations in the United Kingdom but it is remarkably small. Given the extent of England’s global influence it is easy to forget that it is actually less than half the size of France. With a population three times the size of Australia, England is a very busy place but travel times remain relatively small compared to other nations.

SUP Devon

Devon is an excellent location for buying a holiday property. The choice of the different property types and locations are varied and it is a destination that never gets boring. The North Devon coast especially is beautiful, most is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the amount of activities on offer can entertain even the fussiest of children.