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Hosted the 2012 Olympic Games London the capital of England and Wales is the United Kingdom. An expensive country to travel and visit so plan your time well. Many find a way to work their way through the country with seasonal jobs.

The present day St. Paul's Cathedral is in fact the fifth sacred structure on this site. Since 1666, this religious building has been standing proudly and today is seen as one of the most impressive churches in London. The very first building that was constructed on this site was made of wood. This wooden building caught fire in 675 AD and was completely burnt down. The second one was torn apart in 962 by the Vikings and replaced by a brawnier structure made out of stone.

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The small size of England means that traveling efficiently is different than it is in large countries. Driving is often a better option than flying and the London Underground is a wonder in itself.

England is the largest of the four home nations in the United Kingdom but it is remarkably small. Given the extent of England’s global influence it is easy to forget that it is actually less than half the size of France. With a population three times the size of Australia, England is a very busy place but travel times remain relatively small compared to other nations.

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