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07 September 2018
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I took a trip with my partner to Madrid in August and for once was able to do some research that I can now share with you. If you don't do research on a short trip it may be relaxing but you can leave without seeing some of the better things. So I am...
04 September 2018
Spain Travel Blogs
As a family of just one and 5 children I think I can say that I have experienced many types of holiday away and at home from the UK in the school summer term when prices go crazy. This includes camping to the south of France which no longer seems to ...


Team Sky Tenerife

Spain’s volcanic Canary Islands (don’t let the volcanoes put you off) are the ultimate getaway for cyclists and holidaymakers alike! The Canary Islands’ optimal position off the coast of Africa ensures that they are sun-kissed all year round. The Sky cycling team have even made the Canaries (specifically Tenerife) their base for winter and altitude training, owing to their strategic landscape and year-round picturesque weather.

Image Credit Pretre