Brussels is the capital city of the lovely nation Belgium. The city is famous for its historic architecture and stunning environment. The city is full of various tourist destinations which are situated in or around its territory. Are you planning any recent trip to Belgium? Do you wish to visit Brussels? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you must quickly plan out your holiday to have a comfortable and pleasant trip to this amusing city.


Transportation is a key factor whenever holidays and vacations are planned. It plays a crucial role for the success of the trip. The City of Brussels has a great network for transportation. The convenient availability of local and private taxis, buses and trains form a complete network in the city. The most helpful source of transportation for tourists in this city is the Brussels airport transfer facility. The tourists don’t have to worry about transportation as they can hire Brussels airport taxi, minibuses and shuttle services from right outside the arrival hall. The mode of transport can be hired at a fixed price.

Why Brussels airport taxi?

If you want to travel the City of Brussels and observe all the historic and scenic wonders of the city, then the most convenient mode of transport is to hire a private taxi. The most basic advantage is the level of relaxation one can acquire while travelling in a clean and comfortable taxi. All the taxi drivers are well aware of the city routes and popular destinations which prove very helpful in the trip. The Brussels airport transfer network includes various taxi services which can be hired beforehand.

Where to find Brussels airport taxi services?

There are many sources available from which one can hire a taxi conveniently for their trip in the City of Brussels, Belgium. Some of these sources are:


The internet is the most basic source from which one can gather any kind of information. If you need to search for the best airport transfer taxi service in Brussels, then you can actively use the internet for acquiring the best options for airport taxi services.

Holiday Websites

Whenever you plan your holiday from any famous holiday planning website, they do provide the facility for transportation. One can easily search for hiring the best airport taxi facility from any of these websites. Pre-Booking serves very convenient as you can save a lot of time.


The best thing about this city is that, the Brussels airport transfer facility is very strong. You can easily find a perfect airport taxi service from right outside the airport. All these taxis are equipped with taximeter and follow a standard taxi fare.

General Taxi Fare in Brussels:

-       The pick-up charge is €2.40 during the day and €4.20 at night.

-       The charge is €1.20-2.40 per kilometer.

List of some famous Airport Taxi Services in Brussels

-       Taxi Bleus

-       Taxi Bruxelles

-       Taxi Orange

-       Brussels taxi

-       Autolux

-       Taxi Verts

Each of these taxi services provide clean and comfortable cars and can be pre-booked by contacting them or by simply hiring for the services on their personal website.