Greece is a land of long coastline and magnificent beaches. There are in fact thousands of beaches in Greece, each equally beautiful in their own individual beauty.

In addition, since blue is the predominant color in Greece, a discussion of the best beaches in the Greece will be incomplete without an understanding of the blueness of the beaches. In this article a few of the best blue beaches in Greece have been described.

· Egremnoi beach (lefkada)

This secluded beach on the west coast of Lefkada is the lonely travelers definition of a lonely paradise. Thousands of concrete steps separate this beach from the maddening crowd and the beach preserves its pristine beauty all by herself. The clear blue turquoise water and the soft white sand makes the beach all that is Greece. The beach is placed in the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery.

· Myrtidiotissa (Corfu)

Located near the monastery of myrtidiotissa, this beach is also a secluded beach by herself. The seclusion of this beach is so conspicuous, that the beach is virtually inaccessible in cars or any other land vehicles. The backpacking traveler have to take a one hour long trek from the monastery to reach the Myrtidiotissa beach. The crystal clear blue water and the strip of soft brown sand coastline makes the beach an amazing place to visit. Although you may find the beach overcrowded during the travel season, nevertheless the beach is one of the best beaches in Greece.

· Erimoupolis (Crete)

Placed between rugged cliffs and an ancient cemetery in the eastern tip of Crete, this beach will surely steal your heart. The beach is named after the ancient abandoned town of Itanos, the ruins of which have to be passed on your way to the beach. If you are looking for seclusion, then do not plan to visit the beach on weekends.