A stay at Artemis Yoruk Hotel, Pamukkale, gives you a unique combination of history (the ancient city of Hierapolis) and nature (the Pamukkale white terraces). Use the hotel as your base. Tours are available.

What makes Pamukkale village such an attractive destination for tourists and locals alike? Well, it's the unique combination of history and nature, the ancient city of Hierapolis with its famous theatre and Antique Pool, together with the white calcium terraces and pools of Pamukkale. A stay at the Artemis Yoruk Hotel in the centre of Pamukkale village provides the perfect base to explore the locality, whether as an independent traveller or as part of a tour group.

White terraces spill over the mountain forming white balconies, pools and stalactites with their calcium deposits. Close up the deposits look like hardened candy and have a scaley quality, while from a distance they transform the surroundings into what looks like a giant wedding cake or winter landscape covered in snow. Water flow is regulated and flows over each area in rotation. If you are lucky on your visit then you will see the largest balconies filled with water and gleaming in the sun.

Beyond the terraces lies the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, which originated as a spa town and still has natural healing waters to this day. Most opt for a dip in the Antique Cleopatra's Pool, swimming amongst the fallen columns and statues in crystal-clear water with a temperature of 36 degrees celcius. Further up the mountain lies the Roman theatre, with seating for over 15,000 people. The view across the valley towards Denizli and its snow-capped mountains is truly magnificent. There is a lot to see at Hierapolis, but one other notable place is Frontinus Street, a columned street with impressive stone gates at each end.

Artemis Yoruk Hotel is a stone's throw from the attractions. Ranged around a courtyard and swimming pool, each of the 50 rooms is en-suite and has a private balcony. Dining is available in the restaurant where you can relax and enjoy traditional Turkish dishes or international cuisine alongside a glass of local wine. Artemis Hotel can arrange a tour of the Pamukkale white terraces and Hierapolis, taking in all the major sites with a professional English-speaking guide (open buffet lunch is included).

Why not come and sample the atmosphere of ancient and mysterious Pamukkale as our guest at Artemis Yoruk Hotel, a crossroads of history and nature.