Top 10 ‘Do Not Miss’ Things To Do at Arenas Del Mar

  1. Have lunch in the sand at Playitas Beach while enjoying the sound of the waves and the sea breezes.  
  1. Walk along Espadillas Beach to Manuel Antonio National Park and hike through the rainforest with a local guide pointing out sloth, monkeys and exotic birds.
  1. Unwind in the Jacuzzi of the Ocean Breeze Suite while looking out into the rainforest and enjoying spectacular Pacific sunsets.
  1. Have one of our famous Tico Sours at the Mirador Bar and have fun with our enthusiastic Tico bartenders.
  1. Be lulled by the sounds of the sea with a massage on the beach.  
  1. Experience the forest from its richest perspective on a canopy tour high above the treetops.
  1. Catch white faced capuchin and squirrel monkeys swinging through the trees while you savor authentic Costa Rican dining at El Mirador Restaurant.
  1. Go on the Sustainability Tour and learn about sustainable tourism in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and how it can be incorporated into your own life.
  1. Enjoy much more thank just “drinks by the pool” at Playitas or El Mirador with spectacular beach, rainforest and ocean view settings.
  1. Relax and enjoy, you are on vacation!

We have found that an increasing number of travelers today seek an experience that goes beyond the standard tourist vacation.  As a guest at Arenas Del Mar, we invite you to have a truly unique and authentic Costa Rican experience and Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax.

Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax at Arenas Del Mar


  • Hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park or through the self guided trail.
  • Laying out on the isolated beach of Playitas - feeling of total escape.
  • Looking out from the view of the balcony and feeling the nearby ocean breeze.
  • Watching white faced monkeys swing through the trees while eating breakfast in El Mirador.
  • Relaxing in a Jacuzzi while looking out into the rainforest, the ocean or a perfect sunset.
  • Wandering through the gardens and jungles and arriving at Playa Espadilla.
  • Enjoying an elegant tropical drink at El Mirador Bar as typical music plays in the background.
  • Waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys in the morning.
  • Planting a tree in the private reserve.
  • Dancing at the bailes típicos.


  • Ecology of the rainforest with a local guide (or simply by wandering around the property and learning about the different plants on site).
  • How to dance at the bailes típicos.
  • About local Costa Rican culture.
  • About community projects and environmental projects in Manuel Antonio.
  • How to make tortillas.
  • About typical fruits, vegetables and Costa Rican dishes.
  • Sustainability in Arenas Del Mar, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, the world and how it can be incorporated into your everyday life.


  • Making tortillas every Sunday morning.
  • Walking with a local guide through the rain forest.
  • Dancing with typical music at the bailes típicos.
  • Planting a tree.
  • Participating at the Green Drinks.


  • By the pool in Playitas or El Mirador with a fresh, tropical drink.
  • At the Jacuzzi on your private deck.
  • Sleeping in your room´s luxurious bed.
  • Getting a massage in Las Brisas Spa.