From Udaipur we decided to get a bus to Jodpur as it only cost two pound each and was a quick 6 hours . . . how wrong could we be! The bus was an hour and a half late leaving down mainly i think to the fact the we had to squeeze about 20 people too many on. Some of the road (if you can call it that) would only fit one vehicle at a time, but that obviously didnt stop our driver playing chicken with oncoming traffic! Eight hours later we arrived in Jodpur, to be greeted by the amazing view of Meranghur fort towering over the city.

Our hotel 'The Blue House' (most buildings in the city are painted blue) was a really nice family run place with some really quirky rooms, we had one of only two at the very top, with some great views of the fort and the Blue city and it only cost 500 rupees a night!

Jodpur is a very overcrowded place but well worth a visit, if only for the views from the top of the fort. We of course did the cultural bit and had an audio tour of the fort and the museum inside which was actually quite interesting, even if you look like a prat with the headphones on.  Read more>>>