In a land where beef is as natural as America's apple pie, this cosmopolitan city has quite a number of other restaurants and dishes for the seasoned and novice gourmand.

Have you ever thought about when it comes to restaurants that everyone's got an opinion?  What makes matters even worse is that no two people will see their culinary experience quite the same way.  What's that got to do with anything.  Well, it makes my take on the best restaurants in Buenos Aires just that much harder.

I too have my opinions.  And right now, I got the power of the keyboard.  Whether you agree with me, or not, you might want to at least try a few of these restaurants in Buenos Aires.

La Bourgogne, Av. Alvear--How on earth did a super-luxe French restaurant make the list on Buenos Aires' best restaurant list?  Simple, all the hard work of Chef Jean Paul Bondoux who's put his heart on his chef jacket.  Located in the Alvear Palace Hotel, La Bourgogne is a formal and "casual elegant" dining establishment that's somehow doesn't have all the persnickety attitude.  Just don't come for Sunday dinner, they're closed--but open from 7:30pm to midnight any other day of the week.

Interesting how they're open so late considering lunch is the main meal in Argentina.  French traditions die hard, I guess.

Osaka, Soler 5608 Palermo--This is one eclectic flavor restaurant, infusing both Peruvian and Japanese cusines.  Its ceviche (a seafood dish) is one of its most popular dishes.  Some have said Osaka's overpriced, but with having to make reservations early they must be doing something right.

La Cabana, Alicia Moreau de Justo 386--Every city around the world should have a restaurant like this.  Its been around since 1935 serving up the best of Argentinian beef in dishes like Steak Tartare, empanadas, and Filet Mignon.  They have an extensive wine list so it'll be easy to pair it with those dishes, or its pasta and fish.

Yes, La Cabana requires reservations--and with this kind of ambience they book up quickly.

Cafe Tortoni, Ave de May 825--This isn't a typical restaurant, more like a cafe.  Cafe Tortoni has a longer history than La Cabana, having been a hip hangout for the coffee drinking crowd as far back as the 19th century.  Some come for the java, others for the atmosphere--like the Tango shows.  Wanna know who doesn't really come?  Not all that many tourists.

BIO, Humbolt 2199--It seems like everywhere you turn around there's meat all over the menu.  Not here at BIO, it's all about vegetarian cusine.  Heck, they even make their "meat" from wheat.  Whew, try saying that fast five times with your mouthful.  What's even better is how all their ingredients arrive every day, ensuring the freshest quality.

Within the restaurant is where you can buy all organic cheese and wine; and even take organic cooking lessons.

Freddo, various locations within Buenos Aires--Every good dinner deserves a delicious dessert.  So where else better than the dulce de leche ice cream at Freddos.  Besides, you're helping with digestion as you stroll down a Buenos Aires street.

Maybe you'll find another one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires--then you'll have the power of the keyboard.