London is the romantic’s ultimate delight. Despite its modern image as a bustling financial power center, it carries a long tradition of places where one could soak up in a memorable outing with the beloved. Over the years, restaurants in London have showcased the best combination of reasonable price and romantic setting. And not to forget some great food from different parts of the world. So, whether it is your first date, or your beloved’s birthday or the joyous Valentine’s Day, you can choose from Indian elegance at Amaya Restaurant or French style at Clos Maggiore.

TIP : It can be very hard to find a good restaurant in London just by walking along, there are many but there are also many bad ones and you should go with a recomendation or stick to a chain you know they tend to keep standards. I ask only that restaurants should offer food better than I can cook myself.

Amaya Restaurant has built a reputation for good food in a classic ambience since it opened about seven years ago. As you enter you notice the décor is predominantly marble giving you that perfect romantic feel. The high end furnishings add to the plush interiors. The open kitchen shows the chefs at work and adds a dramatic touch. You and your date can have interesting conversations or plain sweet-nothings in this fun place. The food consists of Indian grill or kebabs in subtle flavors. No wonder the two of you would long for another evening together.

There are restaurants in London that bring alive the unique cultural features of the place the owners belong to. Clos Maggiore is the perfect example of French hospitality complete with grand interiors, exquisite food and fine wine. The striking aspect of the décor at Clos Maggiore is the retractable glass ceiling that gives the place its roominess. Bright and sunny during the day, the nights become enchanting under the stars and bright candles. There is no better way to get cozy with your beloved with a crackling fire place during the winter. The food is nouveau French with an interesting array of starters, main course and desserts. The wine list is of such high caliber you would wonder the reasonable price for such fine fare.

You now know where you should head if you wish to take your loved one on a date without burning a hole in your pocket.