Welcome to our selection of Horse Riding Tours. Horse riding Tours can be one of the most exhilarating and natural ways to explore the planet and the destination that you are travelling through. We hope that you can get some ideas and learn what makes a good horse riding tour. Of course we will give you our tips on horse riding shortly.

Please if you have had a good horse riding tour then do let us know or even add the tour yourself by clicking on the button "submit tour". Alternatively if you have been on a tour that we list here then please review and comment on your experiences good and bad. We feel that horse riding reviews will help you decide on a good place to rent horses and guides.

Some places have very informal less structured horse riding stables and advertise only locally we hope that we can include more and more info on such places to make sure that the local economy benefits the most from your tourist dollar.

Our Tips on Horse Riding Tours

Take a look at the horses, do they look in good health, do the hands seem to respect the horses how well is the farm run ?

Read some of the horse riding reviews

Find out where the trail goes and if there are stops for taking photographs, you need to be in the spectacular regions of the area to really appreciate the ride the most.

Equipment provided - often saddles will be less comfortable in developing countries but you should still get one that the staff take care to adjust properly.

How is the horse temperament the Stables should change a horse if you don't feel comfortable with without hesitation.

This article on Horse Riding says that it is therapeutic, see an extract below

"Many people ride horses for the fun aspect of it. Nevertheless, horse riding has a lot more to offer than short-lived fun. There are countless benefits attached to this docile yet exciting activity. Horseback riding will help you lose extra weight by fast burning of calories as well as strengthening rarely used muscles in the body.

These are just some benefits of therapeutic horse riding.

Studies have shown that horseback riding burns four times more calories than walking, which is one of the most effective ways to stay fit. Whether galloping, trotting or walking the horse, you will lose a varying number of calories. You will lose up to 8 calories a minute on a galloping horse, 6 calories a minute on a trotting horse and 2 calories a minute by simply walking the horse.

Either way, you will lose some pounds if you dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to horseback riding. Granted, therapeutic horseback riding is not a boring activity so the 30 minutes is on the very low end. Most people will spend a minimum of one hour on the horse."