The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ~Sharon Ralls Lemon

Some planning is essential before you go for horse riding tours. Riding a horse is easy once you have the experience of doing so, so gathering some experience is necessary before you go for the trip. Horses are freedom-loving animals who accept a human being on their backs only if they think that person is a friend. Therefore, before going for horse riding you must know how to treat the animal so that it listens to your commands. This is a gradual process, which you will need to learn as you keep riding, so the basic step should include learning to stay long time on the horse and how to balance yourself when you are riding the horse.

If you are a new rider, then arrange regular horse riding trips days ahead of your actual trip. This is necessary, as you need to accommodate yourself on the horse. In addition, you should learn how to instruct the horse when you are riding on it. You must be physically fit to ride a horse for a long stretch of time, as horse riding can be strenuous for your back if you are not adapted to it.

Here are some tips for the experienced riders when you are planning your next horse riding tours.

Decide the length of the trail. Consult a map and also Google maps to get an idea of the region where you have decided to ride your horse. This will give you a rough idea about the terrain that you are about to ride. You should also remember that, in a paradoxical way, trails that are shorter are usually much difficult and trails that are longer are easier to ride with a horse. A topographical map can give you an idea of the contours of the trail where you are planning your ride.

Mark the water access along the trails as your horse will need the water. In addition, it is better if you plan ahead of the camping places along your trail. The horse will need refreshments to continue carrying your weight and you must plan that before you go on your horse riding tour.

Ask for trail references from others who have been in that route before. These conversations can give you important clues about the road conditions, what are the resting and camping arrangements, whether there are low hanging boughs on the way, whether there are rivers and streams along the way and other likewise topics. This information will help you to plan a successful horse riding trip. Also, ask about the width of the trail, as your horses will need some space to maneuver.

You should also call the park manager or the ranger at the site and ask about the regulations that you need to adhere to while you go for a horse riding tour in the park. Remember to ask whether you need to possess a permit for riding the horse in the park.

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