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Scuba diving can be an expensive game and quite intimidating to start with. But lets see if we can help dispel some quick myths to get you into one of the more fascinating worlds existing on the planet. Soon you may be booking your holidays to coincide with Scuba Diving.

It can be a good idea to try scubadiving first. PADI a world renowned scuba diving body offers its shop owners and dive instructors and dive-masters the opportunity to take you on a day course that finishes up with your very own underwater bodyguard making sure you are ok as you fin around looking at the wonders underwater. This is known as a DSD in the trade or to you and me a Discover Scuba Diver Course. At the end you will probably take away a desire to continue with your undersea exploration or extend this to an Open Water Scuba Diver course, allowing you next time to turn up at a PADI diveshop and then paying significantly less to just go diving for fun with others literally in the same boat !ScubaDivingCaribbean

Mythbusters - Some things that will make you feel more like giving it a try

"I can't swim well so I don't think I could dive" - You don't need to be able to swim to scuba dive. You will be trained up to control your buoyancy through breathing and the use of your Buoyancy Jacket (BCD) Buoyancy Control Device.

"I am nervous and claustrophobic" - So was I and now I'm a divemaster ! During PADI instruction you will never be taken or asked to do something that the instructor knows you are not capable of, the approach will be very softly softly and the steps incremental according to your progress. Divemasters accompany instructors in the water so there are always qualified trained eyes on you in the water. You will start out in confined water conditions that means you will be in crystal clear water and touching the bottom with zero currents, often a swimming pool.

So there you go.. there is really very little stopping you trying it. I wish I had only tried scubadiving earlier.

We have many destinations to choose from relating to good scuba diving for example scuba diving in the Caribbean. Please click here to take a look at some reputable companies resorts and dive shops offering scuba diving packages.