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Getting there
This trip starts in Lima, Peru. Lima, Peru's capital is an international destination and be easily accessed from most parts of the world.
Cost USD
Sand-boarding and dune-buggies, Nasca lines flight, City tour Cuzco, Tour the Sacred Valley and Pisac market, 4 day guided Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu, 2 night jungle lodge, Guided jungle nature walks and boat trip
Lima – arrive at any time to the capital of Peru. You will be met by an Original Trails representative and transferred to our hotel. Check in, take a little time to relax and in the evening we will have a meeting where you will meet your adventure guide who will explain everything you need to know about the upcoming adventure. You will meet your travel companions and go out for some delicious Peruvian cuisine!
Meals: Welcome Dinner

Nasca – early start to our action packed day as we head south, towards Nasca. As we travel down the coast you will notice how dry and desolate the surrounding area is. This is due to the combination of the cold Humboldt Current that flows off the coast and The Andes – the result? Plenty of sand! On our way we will stop at the small oasis of Huacahina, for lunch and some fun! Huacachina is known for its massive sand dunes, some reaching up to 80m high! Because it would be a shame not to get sandy, we take dune buggies across the ‘sand-scape’ for some great views and to find the best dunes to sand-board. Strapping boards to our feet, we ride the sand to the bottom where our 4 wheeled ‘chairlift’ awaits to take us back to the top. Once we’re sandy enough we buggy back to the oasis to clean off and continue our trip to Nasca. Upon arrival, we will check-in to our hotel and relax before going for dinner later in the evening.
Meals: Breakfast

Lima – early morning start to the day and we travel to the airport to board our Cessna plane to get the best perspective of the Nasca Lines. These massive depictions of different shapes and lines were engraved into the desert earth by the ancient Nasca civilization. The reason for the lines is not known. Maria Reich, a German woman who studied the lines almost continuously for over 50 years believed that it was a celestial crop planting calendar. Other theories include maps to water sources, spiritual paths and even alien involvement! Our flight takes about half an hour and before long we are back on Terra Firma and on our way back to Lima. At lunch, we will sample some of the locally made wine from the Ica bodegas of the region.
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 4-5
Cusco – off to the airport for our short flight to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, high up the Andes . Cusco is a beautiful, colonial-style city, but evidence of the Inca’s legacy can still be seen. Their brilliant stone masonry was used as foundations by the Spanish colonists to build their churches and houses. Not only is Cusco known as the base for the Inca trail, it is also a great place for mountain biking, hiking and rafting. We check in to our hotel, rest and let our bodies acclimatize to the altitude. Later on we will go for an orientation stroll and have a light meal.

The next day it’s time to explore this magical city. Cusco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a blend of ancient and modern, where the indigenous locals, dressed in their traditional clothes contrast the trendy cafe’s and stores. We embark on a city tour to discover some of Cusco’s well-known sights and best-kept secrets. During the evening, we will be met by our Inca Trail guide, who will brief us on the trek to come. After, we’ll have dinner to try some of the local ingredients and then out to sample some of the buzzing nightlife.
Meals: Breakfast
Sacred Valley – Ollantaytambo – from Cusco, we travel with our local guide to the beautiful Sacred Valley , where the mighty Urubamba River flows through on its way down to the Amazon Jungle We stop for a great view of the valley and surrounding mountains before we travel up to the Pisac ruins, perched high up in surrounding hills. We take a tour of the ruins before visiting the colorful Pisac market, where local food and crafts are sold. As we make our way along the Urubamba, we will stop at a “chicharia” to learn how the local maize beer is made and have a game of “Sapo” with the local ‘regualrs’. We continue on to the town of Ollantyatambo were we tour the once Inca fortress that held off the invading Spanish forces for many years.
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 7-9
Inca Trail – over the next 3 days we will trek the path of the royal Inca messengers who used the trail to relay news across the empire. The first day of the trail will take us along the Urubamba River as it hugs the side of the valley. Eventually we start to climb high into Andes through a spectacular mountain pass and pristine scenery. Our expert local guide will awaken the spirit of the mountains with legends, stories and beliefs of the trail, as well as point out a stunning array of local flora and fauna. In the evening we will arrive at camp, where our incredible porters will have already set up our tents, and have snacks and hot drinks waiting for us! The food is tasty and plentiful and the best thing after a day’s trek.

The next day we wind our way up and down through dramatically different climatic zones and ancient ruins, taking us closer to our goal.

The third day, the high alpine grasses and bushes slowly give way to the lush green subtropical forest, and we descend further down the trail amongst forgotten stone structures and terraces to our campsite. We spend the night and prepare for the final trek to the lost city of the Inca’s, Machu Picchu.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 10
Machu Picchu-Cusco – our morning on the trail starts very early. We set off in the dark to reach “Inti Punku” , the sun gate for the ultimate experience: to witness the sun rising over the magical city of the Inca’s. The feeling is magnificent, evoking mixed emotions of fatigue, amazement and a sense of unrivaled accomplishment as you bask in the first rays of light overlooking Machu Picchu. Congratulations! The city gives us energy and we explore with our local guide and learn its fascinating history and legends. For those who still have the thirst for more, we can climb to the summit of Wynapicchu the small peak that overlooks the city. After, we return to Aguas Calientes for some lunch and then back to Cusco by train in the afternoon to celebrate and a well-earned rest!
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 11
Cusco – today is spent at your leisure. Catch up on some rest and relax, spend the day in a cafe or checking out Cusco’s many sights, museums and markets. For adrenaline junkies mountain biking or rafting are also options. In the evening we will meet for dinner to experience some traditional Peruvian entertainment and for the somewhat adventurous, the delectable “cuy”.
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 12-13
Peruvian Amazon – we say goodbye to the altitude of the Andes as we fly down to Puerto Maldonado into the dense , hot and lush Amazon. We will transfer to the town of Puerto Maldonado, where we will board a specially designed river boat, to take us up to our relaxing jungle lodge for the next 2 nights. Over the next 2 days we will take guided wildlife walks to look for monkeys, tapirs, caimans and colorful parakeets. We go to a Macaw clay lick to watch these magnificent birds and take a boat rip on a jungle lake in search for the giant river otter. In the evening, we go on a night walk to see what is out and about! The lodge is an amazing way to experience the jungle. Our eco-lodge is built on a private communal reserve owned by a local community. The lodge serves to provide economic and job opportunities for the local people and cultural, ecological and environmental understanding for its visitors.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 14
Lima – we leave our lodge in the morning and return to Puerto Maldonado by boat. Our short flight back

DAY 15
Lima – depart at any time , your adventure guide can help you with any arrangements you may need. Adios!
What is included and what is not included
What is Included:

All accommodation within the itinerary
Incoming transfer from Airport to hotel
All ground transport and transfers within the itinerary
3 internal flights
A welcome dinner
Meals indicated on the itinerary
Dune buggy excursion
Nasca Lines flight
Guided Sacred Valley tour
3-day guided Inca trail with porters
Guided Machu Picchu Tour
2-night jungle lodge
Guided jungle nature walks and boat trip
Full time adventure guide
Local expert guides

What is not included:

International airfare
Meals and drinks not indicated in the itinerary
Optional excursions not included above
Tips and gratuities
Visa fees and airport tax
Outgoing transfer from hotel to airport
Travel insurance
From 3,450USD if a group of 4 or more
15 days

Peru is a land of diversity, spirituality and culture which continues to intrigue even the most curious traveller. This journey will take you back to the ancient Nasca civilization and the mystifying Nasca lines to the regal and magic of the Inca Empire as we follow the trails to the once hidden world of Machu Picchu.

Feel the spirit of the untamed Amazonian jungle and be prepared for some the continent’s most-talked about cuisine. Oh, and just for fun we threw in a some massive sand dunes to take a ride on!


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