This area lies outside the historical peninsula and the city walls. In this area, we see many mosques, mausoleums, graveyards, fountains, as well as old imarets-eateries-for poor people. Being outside the city walls the area has long been used as a major Muslim shrine. Today Muslims from all over world pay visit to this holly place. Our tour begins with a visit to the Mosque of Eyub al Ansari - the standard bearer of Prophet Muhammed – and continues to the Mausoleum of Sokullu Mehmet Paşa, a Grand Vizier of Selim II-of Bosnian origin, the Mosque of Zal Mahmut Paşa-the son in law of Sultan Selim II., the Mausoleum of Sultan Resat, the Tekke (Convent) of the Kalenderi Sect. These are only some of the places we will visit. Our walk will then continue uphill through the Eyup Cemetery and end on Pier Loti Hill.