A beautiful village epitomizing a typical rural setting and provides a live experience of Indian rural customs and value system. It provides an unparallel opportunity to experience the simplicity and beauty of Indian village life in pristine environment free of air and noise pollution.


Day 1

v Arrival at Village and feel the authenticity in traditional welcome by the host family.

v Breakfast at host location served by traditional method.

v Village walk on foot / camel cart and sight seen, participate in activities like Pottery, Bangle work, weaving etc.

v Exotic lunch with great hospitality.

v Evening Refreshment at under the arm of nature with a cup of tea at farm house and enjoy the traditional “JHULAs”

v Enjoy the cultural night with local folks and traditional instruments.

v Dinner & Night Stay at Haveli/Huts (Jhuppas)

Day 2

v Early Morning village walk with yoga & Retreat in fresh air and feel natural body given by god.

v Breakfast at host location interaction with the Host Family.

v Participate in activities like local farming, fodder cutting, animal husbandry followed by some rural games with   villagers.

v Delicious Rajasthani lunch

v Enjoy the mid day with “Mehandi”and traditional wearing of villages

v Evening Refreshment at farm house with “hukkah” session with villagers to share own experience and understand life in a village.

v Participate in preparing Rajasthani dinner with local woman.

v Dinner & night stay at host location in Haveli/ Huts (jhuppas)

Day 3

v Early morning session with villagers and their families whom we share the everyday, we find that their vision of   rural India, their activities, and the surrounding countryside on foot or by camel.

v Lunch at farm house

v Departure for further destination.