6 Tips On Starting Your Own Winery for Dummies

6 Tips On Starting Your Own Winery for Dummies

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Many wine lovers have the dream of starting their own winery in Australia.

Many wine lovers have the dream of starting their own winery in Australia. This can be a huge investment and you are probably better off starting somewhere more affordable like in South Australia. There is ample Barossa Valley accommodation for rent or purchase while you investigate your new business venture. Here is a look at some of the points that you will have to consider.

· Understanding the size. Starting a winery is no easy task, and unless you are highly experienced it is recommended that you start this as a hobby. Many wineries have grown out of generations of experience and they too started off small. Taking on the business of a winery with big dreams may be one thing, starting off small is a good idea.

· Licensing. You should be clear about what licenses you will need for the production and for the sale. You might find in your region that you need permits just for the production even if you intend to consume it for yourself. If you are going to sell it legitimately you should also understand what it is important in terms of labelling. Alcohol levels for example are extremely important. Research well both the state and federal law requirements.

· Initial visits. It is a good idea to visit some domestic wineries, from this you can look at the overall process and simplify it. Barossa Valley hotels that can accommodate you will all the information on the region and arrange all your tours, is one good way to get started. There is nothing like getting some on-ground experience and getting your hands dirty and you will probably make friends and might find some beginner's schools to boot.

· Winery Facility. Do you wish to be involved in farming and get the production of your wine done by someone else, or do you want to build your own facility? You can do both with minimal investment as a learning curve. It definitely is more fun to be actually making your own wine. You will probably living where you make your wine and so think about the practical and lifestyle changes that you will have to make.

· Sales and marketing. How do you want to finally sell your wine. Do you want to sell it from your winery, when people come for tasting, or do you want to go more commercial, using distributors and retailers.

· Time frame. It is a good idea to plan ahead and be assured that you have another income or revenue source during the early days. It may be a couple of years by the time you actually get started producing you wine and much longer if you are going to go the whole way and grow your own grapes.

Although the task may seem daunting, if you take this task more as a hobby maybe one day become a business approach you will find it realistic and very possible. Some very prized wines have come out of some of the smallest wineries. You might just find that you have the knack and special touch to make that perfect bottle.


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