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I love Nice ! It feels small for such a place and has excellent transport links to get around. You can get fat and thin here or stay the same with a lot of enjoyment see rollerblading or running options ! Shopping is excellent and there are plenty of bars in the evening to enjoy. Of course the dining is up to the usual french standard.
Some prefer the pebble beach


Good Points
Excellent place to eat shop - relax by the sea.
Bad Points
Expensive in some cases but a cheap eat can be had.
Having to pay so much for the deck chairs in the managed areas even if your staying at their hotel. Almost everything is a payable extra in the hotels.
The breakfast options on the Boulevard des Anglais clearly are to trap the tourists and while the food is ok service is poor often and a rip off. The views can be great.
You may find a smoker to arrive and spoil the smell.
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