10 of worlds top places to go Backpacking Part 1

10 of worlds top places to go Backpacking Part 1

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10 of worlds top places to go Backpacking Part 2

1) Australia. If its not on the East coast North coast South coast or West coast its to the centre of the biggest island in the world to visit Ayers Rock. I didn’t make Ayers rock myself as I was under too much budget pressure and yes its amazing but it felt as far away as New Zealand. Australia though has cities with dynamic nightlife for the young great wines for the old some of the most fun hostels you are ever likely to find and surf galore. This is what keeps making it the go to destination for many a Backpacker. Its also got massive kudos and you can’t call yourself a backpacker if you haven’t been !

2) Japan. The first myth is that its expensive – not so and the youth hostels or just plain hostels (house some oldies like me now) in style with private rooms and sturdy lockers its all very Japan works every time. Ride across the swathes unique and interesting countryside in the Shinkanson at break neck speed while the crew serve up service with a bow. The karaoke bars are amazing fun. Check out the natural north at anytime of year but in winter you had better go for the powder. Its like no other on earth. Sapporo is the main city in the north. Tokyo will be your gateway and it’s a neonlit treasure trove. You see the greatest thing about Japan is that something every half an hour will amaze you.

3) France. Inter-railing brings many through France often from Spain up from Barcelona they hit Montpellier for its cultural student feel with fun summer nights out or Marseille for its industrial feel old port and calenques (small pristine beaches with the bluest water in the med). Nice is strangely the logical spot most hit and good for day trips into Montpelier. The beach is pebbly but it has such a hub of backpackers passing through you will get hung up in the courtyards of your hostel swapping travel stories then heading down to the pebbles to try it on with that Danish blonde.

4) South America. Any of the individual countries could be in the top 10 in their own right for having such depth of interesting destinations such as the Atacama desert or the Amazon basin. I hear there are now survival tours in Brazil ! But you for sure will pass through Rio De Janiero which is a beautiful city with the amazing ipanema beach.

5) Honduras. Blessed with having one of the more stable –cough governments in central America at least for businesses Roatan and the Bay Islands have developed into hotspots for the backpacker. They are the cheapest places to go diving in the world. Not many youth hostels sees you either staying a week or so or forever. Its an addictive place and the biggest lie is that of ‘im leaving tomorrow’. With its fun nights out and heaving with dive culture it’s a place for the young and old alike. You should do some diving courses here as its such great value diving. Utila is a famous place for the study of the whale shark the biggest fish in the world; you might just get lucky

Did you enjoy those travel tips ? Well Carry on to part 2 then.Calvin Crane is guest blogger currently writing for fun with http://landed.at on his backpacking antics.


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