10 of worlds top places to go Backpacking Part 2

10 of worlds top places to go Backpacking Part 2

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5) Thailand. It’s becoming so common for people to backpack through Thailand these days that the experience is hardly authentic anymore but it is still such a great experience. Magic Mushrooms or a much less risky Singha available on all ferry crossings or luxury buses. The hotspots to visit in Thailand are Ko Phan Gan (best out of the three) and home to the full moon party. Koh Lanta a good vibe here and a big island which has various different vibes depending on what your looking for. Some great diving round here pinnacle and hin dang two top spots. Hop across to Koh Phi Phi and experience the island post tsunami. Its quite sobering to imagine what happened as the tsunami hit the side and wrapped around the edges meeting in the middle to 4m destruction. Get a massage and start the evening by enjoying a cocktail at Dees bookshop while you scan a very English selection of novels. Of course stop off in Bangkok and revel in 5 star luxury at least for a couple of nights. Tired of the beach ? Head inland and go trekking on an elephant. Thailand really has got it all and if you have the time then carry on into Cambodia.


6) Bali. Staying with our Asian theme Bali is a Hindu paradise separating it in culture from most of the rest of Indonesia. It came up on my radar for it’s a surfing destination such breaks as Uluwatu can be attempted by only most proficient which rules me out thankfully there are a ton of breaks that are fine for learning and honing, Kuta beach where you can wander out of your resort, yes resort ! That’s how we hostel in Bali. Its about Jungle Juice and beer after a hard day surfing some nasi goreng while getting stoked watching the surfing videos that play. As one gets in the mood the discos are fabulous for pulling in. If you want some calm then you can find it in the north among some black sanded resorts good diving and try some spa treatments. But if your in need of a challenge then the author has had none greater than the epic 6 hour hike up Mount Agung 3142 m ! Venture out and stay in the Gilli islands and Nusa Lembongan if your short of time.

7) Mexico. Make sure you like to party and don’t try and out anything a Mexican ! They have serious machismo almost Croatian (Eastern European sterotype) like, and love nothing better than showing the true grit they still foster. Mexico city a vast metropolis with one of the biggest most efficient and cheap metro systems in the world. Pick your hostel carefully to be around other backpackers to increase the fun. Getting away which you will do make sure you ride a horse in Chiapas in san Cristobal De Las Casas up the side of the mountains for spectacular views. Otherwise visit Oaxaca Puerto Escondido or perhaps you are travelling down from the west coast into Baja California. Do some of the best fishing in the world again great horsebackriding and a lot of fiestas with fireworks and fun.

8) Guatemala. Forget the capital of the same name get to Quetzaltenango Huehuetenango Cobán Antigua Guatemala Panajachel Flores and Tikal. It’s a colourful country full of culture just visit the local markets the locals walk miles to bring hamakas (hammocks) too and woollen handbags. Make sure to visit some ruins Tikal the most famous of all. Its buzzing with backpackers because life here for the backpacker is perhaps as cheap as anywhere. Then there is the old colonial city of Antigua my mate Billy runs one of the best bars in the world there so go say hello ! It’s Monolocos – awesome food and party in this pristine colonial city. Many come here to study Spanish in the numerous schools and it works ! 

9) Denmark and Sweden. Make sure you go in Summer to pay witness to the humans making the most out of the long evenings and warm hugging days. Loosing points for the price of a pint they get them back in terms of cultural variety see Copenhagens community of hippies in Christiania. Or Stockholm’s Old Town. Enjoy the beaches in Aarhus if you managed to get a cheap flight in there. It’s the perfect time to hit Roskilde Festival a week long camping musical extravaganza with a penchant for rock and metal. I recommend the Tivoli in Copenhagen for the evening light show. It’s a magical kingdom in there and worth every penny. Back in Sweden visit the outer islands of Stockholm’s archipelago vaxholm has some beauty to behold

10) Ok this last spot is for you to tell me where your best backpacking places to go in the world are please make your comments below.


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