5 Holidays to Soothe Soul

5 Holidays to Soothe Soul Hot

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Life can be so busy that we lose sight of reality. Check out these holidays which help put things back into perspective.

These days, life is just continuously busy. We are always working, because we are always buying and wanting more or even just keeping up. We have to have the latest and greatest of everything, keep up with the Jones', monitor the fashions and we spend largely when we feel like it if we are lucky ???

While having the latest and greatest is fine, it can also be a lot of pressure. Spending our whole lives just trying to keep up or keep getting is incredibly stressful and something that can actually detract from how we are living every day. And the word 'living' is used loosely.

What we need, is the chance to get some perspective. To take a break that will soothe the soul, get us away from all this wanting and needing or having things and keeping up, and put things back into a realistic view.

There are a range of options for this if you really and truly want to act on the opportunity to get back on track and see things how they really are. Here are just 3:

1. Whitsundays

Ok, this isn't really putting the world in perspective, but time out somewhere that has no hustle bustle and is built for relaxation is your chance to examine yourself and see where you're heading and how you’re getting there. It's a good chance to get back on track and rejuvenate your mind and soul, as well as your body.

A stunning area with amazing views and a nature-based surrounding that will help you get back to your core, the Whitsundays are the perfect place to get back in touch with yourself -- and maybe even enjoy some surfing or wakeboards.

2. India

It's busy, dirty and action packed, and it's also a place where the average age is much lower due to poverty, violence and standard of living. India is an overpopulated country, with a large portion of low income earners, and a high poverty rate. With an extensive grounding in religious belief, Indian people live a vastly different life than we do at home.

Travelling to India is a great opportunity to give yourself some perspective – not only will it show what real hustle and bustle is, but give insights into true struggle, belief and community. Pack your solar charger, hand cleanser, and plenty of patience – it’s easy to get lost!

3. South Africa

Although a stunningly beautiful country, South Africa does not offer the same level of security and standard of living that we are used to. With a legacy of apartheid, high degrees of poverty, and influence from some of the difficult circumstances in surrounding countries, it also has one of the highest occurrences of HIV in the world. While Safaris and the various other amazing outdoor activities you can undertake in South Africa are great, your trip will not be complete without a visit that will really put things into perspective for you.

South Africa is host to a number of orphanages, with many children left alone due to disease or violence. Volunteering at a local orphanage will not only help the local communities and provide these children with some hope and love, it will also give you an opportunity to see things a little more clearly, and put life at home back into perspective.


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