How to Make Money from Travel

How to Make Money from Travel

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How to make money while you travel.

I was asked why a guy who had many followers on a facebook group wasn’t making any money. I took a look at what products he was offering and the answer was what I had expected.
He had some very well placed products on his page that had been linked from facebook, products included ebooks and calendars and that should be fine right. Well the problem is that people seldom click links in blogs and they are not likely to be interested at that very moment in buying that product. This is affiliate marketing and unless you get many thousands of visitors you won’t make any significant money, certainly nothing that is interesting compared to the time you spend.
There are two scenarios here I suggest.

1) To improve this traffic to those levels and get that traffic (not the best way) you are selling someone else’s products you are a middle man. This is never ideal and in todays world it happens far less than it used to in the business world. Of course its great for the people selling the product not from the perspective of the products getting sold but what they get is link traffic which helps them in google, its free advertising.

2) (Recommended) The better approach to making money while travelling is to create your own product ! That product is the written experience, your brandname (your name) and reviews or things you promote.
Keep hold of the rights to this product and build up your name and your brand.
One place you can do this as they allow you to keep your content with their rights policy (you create you own you keep you promote) is a travel portal that was founded by a backpacker who knows travel. Yes they will benefit from your content but they have a very nice attitude of not being a corporation who get rights to your content and ultimately don’t give you any money back. How much did facebook end up giving you for your articles and group ? Landed At allow you to specify links to your own blogs and websites allow you to have your twitter updates appear and even allow you to place google ads which you put your name on the cheque !

But how is that making me money ? Well they have a system of payment that is reflected in the site traffic that comes to your articles so it works all around. This is managed and arranged in a direct relationship with earnings that happen on pages that your articles appear on.

You create a page, they create advertising (not just affiliate marketing) depending on the article and the clients need. Any revenue generated from that page earns you up to 70% of the net profit. This is very beneficial and very targeted due to the manual method and non spammy manner. Build your followers and friends through your profile which works very much like facebook and you will increase advertisers’ interest in your pages. Imagine having British Airways looking at your stuff and your social network on landed and saying we need to be advertising there ! Your name is on the bottom of that.

So go get yourself a membership at and join the group ‘make money through travel’ and go from there. Why blog anywhere else ?

Also consider that newspaper travel writers make very little and do it for the kudos it gives and the possibilities it opens up. This is the best way to make money in travel.


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