How to Travel With a Friend Without Killing Each Other

How to Travel With a Friend Without Killing Each Other

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Travelling with a friend can be a rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. Make sure you are aware of the issues you might face on the road!

It’s a situation we see played out a thousand times over. A couple of friends decide to take a holiday together. They plan, save, book, plan some more, get excited, and head off on their adventure. However many days, weeks or months later, they return, and while a percentage of these little travelling groups will come back gushing and raving about the amazing time they had, another portion will come back fuming at one another.

It’s a strange phenomenon, traveling with a friend—it’s almost like when you decide to live with a friend, and see all the negative traits you were heretofore blissfully unaware of. But can you avoid fighting with a friend when you travel? Perhaps not, but you can certainly avoid those fights getting out of control and ruining your holiday. Whether you’re planning a relaxing Fiji holiday or an intrepid backpacking adventure, this article is a must-read if you’re travelling with as friend.

Expect Differences of Opinion

When it comes to making decisions, there are going to be times when you differ on what the best method of dealing with the situation is. Of course everyone has differences of opinion—if your friend was the kind of person who let everyone walk all over them and never stood up for themselves, they wouldn’t be your friend in the first place, right?

The key is how you deal with these differences. Learn to pick your battles and compromise. If you are really passionate about one course of action then state your case, and if you get your way, remember next time to let your friend make the decision. Better yet, suggest a midway point that pleases both of you.

Don’t Take Stress Out on One Another

Travelling can be stressful. If you’re lounging on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand, without ever having to leave the resort then no, your trip is not going to be that stressful, but if you’re battling to haggle for a taxi in a foreign language while struggling with your backpack and a woven carpet you’ve picked up at the market then, yeah, tensions can start to run a little high. The trick is to put strategies in place for dealing with that stress together, rather than using one another as emotional punching bags.


It’s not a stretch to say that 90% of arguments while travelling come from a breakdown in communication. One member of the party feels their needs aren’t being met, or that they’ve been slighted in some way, and instead of saying anything about it or raising the issue, they let it fester until one day, at the check-in counter for a Swiss bell hotel international, their rage explodes all over the other person, completely shocking them and setting off a chain of events both friends will regret. Or something.

Travelling with a friend can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and can bring you much closer together. It’s not without its challenges, however, so make sure that you are aware of the issues you might face and that you remember, above all else, that they are your friend for a reason, and that the situations you may face while travelling are extenuating circumstances.


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