Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Luxury Hotels and Resorts

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We thought it would be nice to showcase the best Luxury Hotels we have on landed for you to peruse at your leisure. You may like me not have had the privilege or luck to stay in Many. I have and I can honestly say that unless you are arriving very late and wont really benefit then if you can afford Luxury then it is worth the money.

Why Stay in a Luxury Hotel ?

Its a good question as you might also argue why fly first class or business class. It is all about your feeling and making the most of your trip. You probably work very hard and don't get much time off. Think about the frustrations that come with sub standard service or more common just rooms and views of carparks or construction sites ! Things I never would have thought about have been catered for in 5 star rooms. The pools are very handy for coping with jetlag and its important to get light exercise following a long haul flight. You might feel so pampered for that the location you are in ceases to be as interesting to your room. Be able to balance that and don't wallow around in your perfect sheets watching too many films however.

Things you will like:

5 star hotels go to the trouble of making the whole environment smell good and be at the perfect temperature.

The feeling of space - you will have enough space in your room and the lobbies will be places of grandeur and zen.

All the tools you will need coffee, hair-dryer (though few will have hair-straighteners) robes, plush towels.

Getting clean will be fun, you will have excellent showers or baths with again the space and your room will be at the perfect temperature. You will also be provided with top products to wash in and moisturise yourself.

"I don't want to leave" - you will say in no time

Leaving the hotel taxis can quickly be arranged for you and they are not likely to choose dodgy ones. You will get the best advice from the front desk as well about what to do in the local area. So take a look at our luxury hotels in this section and see if there are some destinations you might like to travel to.

TRAVEL TIPS: Some countries offer 5 star hotels at prices that equate to the average price of a Bed and Breakfast in the U.K. Thailand for example and particularly Bangkok has an abundance of great value 5 star hotels. Some have magnificent roof top views restaurants and bars.

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