The Hich Hikers Guide to.. well being a Nomad

The Hich Hikers Guide to.. well being a Nomad

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A starting point for gathering resources that facilitate the life less sedentary.


One of the hardest aspects of living a nomadic lifestyle is that it is difficult for those to know that we will stick around. As I tried to explain recently to a potential match I need to have a base but I also need to be moving around a bit. I think in this way it was good for me to set up my ltd company and for me to have to be around to sign papers etc it gives me some kind of stability and responsibility. But this may sound very counter this idea to most people as severing all ties sounds very liberating. However I wager that this is said with the notion that there was a family home to return to as I was saying this in my early 20s. For those still with the affliction me included what to do ? Settle with the wrong person (right at the time) might sound on some levels comforting but you can have a marriage and still feel very much alone. It may be that dealing with learning to be alone is something that we need to endure for periods of time more than most. And I say this because  of the actual moving around so fast makes it harder for you to be accessible to the other side though you also increase the meeting possibilities 10 fold.


For us there can be working scenarios that allow us to live this nomadic life. Contracting status has "kept the dream alive" for me but it has also meant that I didn't plant any career foundation but that is surely part of the point of this continual escapism. 

Living arrangements 

There have been more possibilities for living short term in London than other cities in the UK also a major capital city can mean that you dont have to run a car, this is an issue for the nomad. But you cant beat that feeling of living on the beach in a wooden shack when you are 20 s and when you get fed up you leave for the next one. If you stick around for a year you can generate a good reference from a landlord


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