Some of My Favourite Bars in the World

Some of My Favourite Bars in the World

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the lost weekend - SOBE MIAMI
durty harrys key west
The one and only Mooserwirt St Anton

I think I'm pretty qualified to have my say on what I think the top bars in the world are. They may be seasonal or general year round haunts, they may be very small or very something else. But Im roughing this out as follows

(Probably )The Best Bars in The World

1 ) Dirty Harrys cerca 2000 - Key West, Florida U.S.A  As part of the bigger complex Ricks on Duval street you wont find a better cover band playing all my favourite metal and grunge and general rock that gets you in the mood. The peanuts are free and when I was really into this place it was $4 for a rum and coke. The band were awesome and then you have the rest of key west right there around. Women act the way men want them to (a general plus point for the U.S. well done girls) and the weather is very well perfect. Oh yes there is a free strip bar next door ! though upstairs in the regular dance bar you might be treated to watching the barmaids have cream removal from their breasted areas..

2) The Mooserwirt present day - each winter season the mighty mooserwirt brings people back to St Anton in Austria for some dodgy german techno and periodic renditions of the ice bear song, some bryan adams and the ilk. After a hard days skiing you can sweat it out inside where its manic and noisy and jostling with swiss german etc clad ski bunnies, stay outside surrounded by pines and 200 m up the main slope you will have to get back down. What this bar is best for is the sheer good feel vibe. I may be biased and just across the way is the crazy kagaruu which is a younger set an amazing bar if it were not simply blown away by the local moose !

3) The Lost Weekend Espaniola way South beach Miami. cerca 2000. At weekends located just across from crowbar you get clubbers bikers and regular latin types a great mix. Pool tables and an amazing jukebox. The Spicy Wings were to die for and having a supply of coloured wrist bands in your pocket meant just waiting for the VIP goeers to get bored and wander in, hup slip on the same colour band and enter crowbar...Miami is cool, not the touristic clevelander or mangoes !

4) The Folie Douce - Again a ski bar up in the mountains - this time Val Disere partly gets the reputation of an apres ski place from this spot alone. See the media post here. It can be pretentious but you have to do it and get some sun at the same time. Not cheap as nowhere is in this part of the world and yet the dj will spray you with champaign every now and again to keep you on the right track.

5) The Sari Club - One of the victims of the 2002 Bali Bombings the sari club was an amazing bar with friendly staff and decent enough music to grab the mainstay of the better part of a kuta evening.

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