Another Continent that seems to be a firm favourite among backpackers due to its diversity and value for money. Argentina is one country in particularly where you can dine out on a massive steak and potatoes every day with a gorgeous bottle of Malbec cheaply.

Enjoy the regular people and wonder where the sexy thongs you saw on tv are on Ipanema beach in Rio De Janiero.



Argentina things to do in Argentina: You will I am sure struggle to see everything in your limited time in Argentina. Its another massive South American country. Enjoy a Tango Show  in Buenos Aires eat in the inexpensive restaurants (parrilla)hit the clubs...Buenos Aires City Guide

Drink wine in Mendoza's Bodegas. Horse Ride in Salta up in the north west.

Buenos Aires is a popular spot to go clubbing, so popular some hostels have integrated clubs and bars. Or have a tango class so that you can remember that you are not in Europe ! I'm not sure I will ever forget getting spat on by the visitng fans at a Bocca Juniors game in La Bocca, I think it might finally be out of my hair now :)

From Ushuaia the end of the earth..go ski in Bariloche - (May to September), white water rafting. See if there is any cowboy or cowgirl in you in a estancia a typical argentine farm.

Mount Fitzroy in Los Glaciares National Park , ice climbing tough.

Mar Del Plata is a spot for getting some sun on the beach if its summer. You can surf around here too.
Iguazu Falls bigger and wider than Niagra Falls this is a great spot to stay and break up the long bus trips. Its an expanse of wonder all that water falling down, how the hell was this formed ?

Buenos Aires City Guide


Things to do in Bolivia : The Amazon , And crazy witches market in La Paz (dried llama fetuses can be bought to offer to the gods) , Zongo Valley ice caves. Sorata can be a days hike in itself with amazing mountains and underground lake, should not be missed. There is some serious climbing to be had in Bolivia. If you like ruins then Tiahunico and the spiritual  Island of the Sun should be visited. The totora (woven reed) boats is an ancient tradition of the people that live on reed islands of Lake Titicaca is truly an amazing feat of native artistry.


City Guides

Rio De Janiero

Things to do in Brazil: Learn to Surf, Horseback Riding,Amazon Tours,Visit Favelas, Amazing Beaches, Amazing Nightlife, Waterfalls galore, Exclusive Luxury of Fernando de Noronha,


Chile is a very tall country and relatively narrow - it has some truly differentiating topography a geographers delight. It meets Argentina at the Antartic southern region.


Look at the map above to see what hotspots colombia has to offer and help plan your trip. The lost city , Tayrona park or party it up in Meddelin. Hit the northernmost peninsular of La Guajira for its wild sand dunes landscape pointing out to the Caribbean.

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Colombia is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil to the south by Ecuador and Peru to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the northwest by Panama; and to the west by the Pacific.


Ecuador is bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country also owns the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific.


Things to do in Peru : Peru has a vast array of topographical features from deserts to the Andes mountains and the rainforest seeps into the eastern border with Bolivia. Perhaps most famous for the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu accessible from Cusco (You can find tours that follow an inca trail and end in Machu Pichu) the anciant capital. As well as Machu Pichu as far as ruins go of Ollantaytambo and Pisac are worth a visit as well. Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays hosts a market where locals sell their traditional wares also inPisac. Sunday is the best day to visit Pisac market.
Peru is also a mountain climbers paradise. Check out Touching the void, better still just get the book and read that a tale about two climbers scaling Siula Grande.
There are many trekking options into the famous Colca Canyon that is two times deeper than the grand canyon located 100 miles outside of Arequipa, it is an amazing experience to watch the Andean condors soar in the up-currents.

If you are heading for the amazon rain-forest the other side of the Andes then the gateways are Cusco and Iquitos. Iquitos can be flown to from Lima or reached by boat but there is no other way in ! From cusco head for Manu National Park.

Did you know you can surf in Peru ! And there are a range of waves and even surf camps that are great for beginners. Chicama has one of the longest rides in the world also renowned is Puntas Rocas which is on the pro circuit.
Nearly forgot

lake titicaca !


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Things to do in Uruguay : The Night-life in Uruguay is very good and here there is also Tango see Teatro Solís !. If you like the water you can surf, windsurf or perhaps take a boat tour or go sailing. Check out Cabo Polonio's lighthouse with a trek. The capital Montevideo perhaps is the first port of call for you and make sure not to miss a river front walk as a good introduction to the city. Go see a game of footie and visit the Museo del Fútbol in the Estadio Centenario, where Uruguay's national team won the first World Cup in 1930.


Venezuela at a glance ! The highest waterfall in the world at a height of 979 m. Some amazing islands like margarita island. Its the plastic surgery capital in the world !

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