Salvador Da Bahia

This is not the full list but we are choosing those places that you might start to consider as being the best and most popular places to visit in Brazil.

  • Rio De Janeiro- Not the capital but perhaps the most interesting jam packed city in Brazil. Popular as an entry point with plenty of things to see and do and a good introduction to the country.
  • Salvador da Bahia- Capital of Bahia. Once the main city of Portugal's colonial days you might imagine the architecture is excellent as it is.

    Culture with arts and festivals is a very strong draw for many people. Capoeira (originating in the area) can be seen in the streets and the rythm of the Berimbau dictates this art form. 

    An amazing coastline makes this city a must for many who simply love having the best of both worlds. Salvador is also a logical hub for exploring the rest of the region.
  • Florionópolis (Floripa) Is a popular destination on the backpacking trail because it offers a great place to find hostels and parties. Not just for the young in search of sun and surf floripa as it is known locally has a lot to offer the average traveller from excellent seafood to beaches and the Sao Joaquim National Park.
  • Fortaleza- A great city for beaches shopping and entertainment with culture. Also a good hub to explore the beaches around this northern part of Brazil.
  • Iguaçu Falls- A world reknowned waterfalls surrounded by rainforrest (not the big rainforest!)


Bruna Antunes- Salvador Brazil

Vinka Bravo- Surfers at Itacaré