Eva Peron Tomb Stone

It has been a tough morning ! But only because the metro doesnt go close by Recoletta. I'm having lunch while typing at la poesia on Chile in Buenos Aires.

I have been wandering through Recoletta's suburbs and its cemetary and Evita Peron's tomb. I found a good route to the subway via a couple of parks and nice residential architecture. The buses are too hard to work out. It's a sunny day after a week of cloudy skies and some pouring rain at times, so everyone is happy even though its monday.

I'm going back to Boca in search of some good art. I found a massive painting and perhaps a little overprices otherwise I might just have lost my head if I had a wall big enough for it. It was a couple in tango very colourful and just didn't like the guys moustache also played a part, it is movember but still, had to walk away.

I am looking forward to sitting watching the Tango in la Bocca this afternoon, the red wine will do its job and ease me into siesta so I need to set an alarm. This is the way to do Buenos Aires without doubt.